Flight Review: PG 703 – BKK – RGN

I am sitting in seat 9C, an aisle seat, on this Bangkok Airways Airbus A320 flight bound from Bangkok to Yangon.

We depart about 1 hour after scheduled departure time which is a little annoying as it means a later than-hoped for arrival and no doubt bumper-to-bumper traffic to my hotel.

A few minutes after take-off the food service comes around. I have ordered a Kosher meal but it turns out to be a box of fruit, so request the standard meal which is a Massaman Chicken curry. It comes with a bottle of water and 2 blue biscuits. I try the chicken then revert to my fruit. Alcohol is also served and I have a sip of red.

The service is very friendly and efficient – the flight is only one hour but full service.

The cabin is quite plain, the seats equipped with the bare minimum, no AV, but plenty of reading paraphernalia in the form of magazines and newspapers.

Rating: 6.5/10

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