Flight Review: 3K513 – SIN – BKK

I am sitting in seat 9C, an aisle seat, on this Jetstar Asia Airbus A320 aircraft back to Bangkok. Although not overly comfortable, it is a short flight so bearable. The plane is at full occupancy, yet the efficient flight attendants seamlessly carry out their inflight duties effortlessly and with a warm attitude.

This return leg is also a ‘Starter Plus’ fare and this time the correct meal is given to me – Chicken Rice and although I don’t eat the rice, the chicken is soft and juicy. The meal comes with a bottle of water and a choice of tea or coffee.

For the duration of this short 2-hour flight I watch a couple of episodes of the new Star Trek which I have downloaded onto my iPad.

We land on time.

Rating: 6/10

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