Lounge Review: The Qantas Lounge, Changi

Here again after a few weeks. Warmly welcomed and offered a blanket as it is a little cold and I still have remnants of the flu.

I start with my standard, an Espresso Martini, and read a couple of Australian newspapers.

I get bored quickly so move to the dining area and try the Korean beef dish and a barley salad. It’s ok – beef is a bit hard. The All day menu today has a Chicken Laksa and Char Siu Pork Bun. I try the latter with a glass of red. It’s not bad. Then dessert. I need to remind myself I will be eating on board as well in a couple of hours….

With over an hour to go I decide to use the shower room to freshen up before my flight. Great Australian products, strong water pressure. Can’t complain.

Shortly after I make my way to the boarding gate.

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