Lounge Review: Air Macau Lounge, Macau International Airport

For the first time in zonks I have been upgraded on my flight back from Macau to Bangkok thanks to the expensive last minute ticket purchased on Air Macau. The upgrade gives me access to their dedicated lounge on the first floor of the departure area.

The lounge itself it stock-standard. A few hot and cold buffet items, a small selection of alcoholic drinks, and strongish wifi that I use to check a few emails and so on.

I help myself to a very small plate of food knowing (or hoping) that the food onboard will be better than economy. I also enjoy a small glass of red followed by a Baileys.

The lounge is peaceful (albeit very cold) until a family of 5 enter and cause a ruckus. Luckily there are only 15 minutes left before boarding.

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