Flight Review: NX885 – BKK – MOP

I am sitting in aisle seat 10C, 3rd row of Economy, on this Air Macau Airbus A319 flight to Macau from Bangkok. The seats are old school, larger and ‘spongier’ than the more modern ones, but alas no AV screen to be seen.

But I have brought along my iPad loaded with 3 episodes of The Crown, season 2 to keep me occupied on this 2 and a half hour flight.

About 45 mins after take-off the meal service comes around. We have a choice of a meat and noodles or shrimp and rice dish. I go for the noodles which comes with a warm soft bread roll and fruit platter. There is no wine available in Economy so I have a beer instead.

The flight itself is OK – the flight attendants are friendly and efficient, and I manage to sleep for 45 mins or so until the pilot informs us we are landing.

And when we do, it is not at the terminal. It is far away and we have to take a bus….

Rating: 7/10

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