Flight Review: WE302 – YGN – BKK

I am sitting in seat 34H – one row behind ‘Smile Class’ on this Thai Smile Air Airbus A320-200 aircraft bound for Bangkok.

Similarly to the flight coming over, this is much more legroom than a standard Thai Airways aircraft Economy. As it turns out no one sits in either 2 seats next to me so I have 3 to myself.

I kind of fall asleep before the plane takes off, and when I hear the ‘we have reached altitude’ announcement, I lie down and take advantage of a quick sleep for 30 mins.

When I wake up, my pre-ordered Seafood meal is waiting for me and it is identical to the one going over – a smoked salmon and potato salad, which juice and a Thai-style rice and banana dessert.

All in all it is a very pleasant flight with 3 seats to myself, a 30 minute sleep, and leaves and arrives per schedule.

Only letdown is that damn bus to the terminal! Always with Thai Smile Air on this route…..

Rating: 8/10

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