Flight Review: CX703: HKG – BKK

On this return flight I am sitting in seat 41D, an aisle seat in the middle section, 2nd row from the front, on this Airbus A330-300 Cathay Pacific aircraft. It is a section of only 3 rows in between 2 galleys so is extremely secluded and quiet. The seat is a shell-type where the seat does not recline, instead it slides forward so doesn’t disturb the passenger behind.

Upon seating I notice my TV screen is not working and request for it to be rebooted. It takes a good 15 mins to reactivate but the Chief Purser personally comes around, apologises for the inconvenience, and hands me a priority fast lane access pass for my arrival in BKK as a kind of apology. And although I don’t need it, it is a kind gesture.

The meal service comes around and I go for the chicken with rice which comes with fruit and ice cream and a glass of white. I am so full from the food I ate in the lounge(s) that I only eat the chicken and ice cream and leave the bread roll and rice.

I spend most of the flight watching more episodes of the same drama I watched coming over.

Service is exceptional on this flight, and all flight attendants go out of their way to make the flight as pleasant as possible.

Rating: 8.5/10

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