Lounge Hopping @ HKIA

My last couple of weeks as a QFF Gold member, so taking advantage of my CX flight out of HKIA.

I am literally lounge hopping. I arrive a few hours before my flight back to BKK to get some solid work done in the lounges.

I start with The Wing – nearby gates 2 and 3, and sit in their cubical-shaped seats in the main section, enjoying a Vodka Martini, lemongrass chicken and Portuguese Chicken, and a sesame chicken and cheese roll and piece of Lemon Meringue Pie. And it’s only been 20 mins! Wifi here is strong and the ambiance is fresh and light-filled. Sprawling over two floors, I spend most of my time on the second floor near the Long Bar.

Next stop: The Qantas Lounge. I came here years ago and somehow it seems different. Perhaps the location has changed? Anyway it is huge. Long actually. I order an Espresso Martini from the bar and Christian, a lovely waiter, suggests I try the BBQ pork, so how can I say no? I was actually hoping to see my old colleague, the Lounge Manager, but she is at a wine tasting event so sadly it’ll have to be another time.

Last Stop – and literally STOP 🛑 . The Pier Business Class Lounge by gate 65 is so amazing! Utterly phenomenal! I have been to the First Class Lounge a couple of years ago but this is not too different. I enter and go straight to the showers – all Aesop products! Then I make my way to the Tea Room and try a freshly juiced concoction. Then the Noodle Bar for some Dim Sum. Then a deli-type buffet for dessert. This is one of the best lounges I have been to and kind of regret not spending all my time here. It’s huge, with different sections and an amazing chilled atmosphere. Did I mention the Old Fashioned and White Russian made to order?

*tip* if you are in HKIA and have Oneworld Lounge access THIS is the lounge to visit.

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