Lounge Review: Dan Lounge, concourse B, TLV

Fairly standard lounge at Tel Aviv International airport.

I enter using my Priority Pass figuring the $USD27 is good value as wine and beer is provided (expensive commodities in Israel).

The food selection is poor – no hot food, (except a Yemenite been soup), only a few Israeli salads and stale cake and cookies. I guess I am spoiled living in Asia where the lounges – even the crappy ones, have hot food selections.

The wifi here is strong, and the service friendly. Although when I ask for a bread roll the staff say when refilled they will bring one over but never do.

Highlight: some teenage kid in the lounge thinks I am a famous someone-or-other and tries to snap a few photos of me but I shield my face (playing the ‘fame game’ – the helps me ease into this role) and pop on my dark sunnies adding to the intrigue. šŸ˜œ.

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