Lounge Review: Royal Orchid Lounge, Suvarnabhumi Airport, Bangkok

Not to be confused with the Royal Silk Lounge for Business Class passengers, my lounge is for Star Alliance Gold members and others flying in the ‘right’ class or those that possess the ‘right’ card. I fall into the latter category.

As I enter the lounge the guy at reception sticks out his hand to get my boarding pass. My reaction is ‘good morning, no welcoming smile?’- to which he suddenly seems to snap out of his automated routine and smiles followed by a forced welcome. I hand over my Thai Airways Visa card which gives me 2 entries to the Lounge per calendar year. This is my last visit (and it’s only July).

The lounge is again quiet, ambiance-free, but has strong wifi and a rather good selection of food and drinks (but no wine). I decide to go on a ‘tasting journey’ and sample nearly everything on offer, from Singapore Chicken Rice, to Thai Pad Thai, various buns and desserts. It’s only on contemplation that I realize I didn’t have any salad!

 I also enjoy a Diet Coke with Congac VSOP. Probably not the best way to drink it but hey, it’s free.

After about an hour or so, and having downloaded a few episodes of ‘Outlander’ on my iPad for my upcoming flight, I leave for my boarding gate.

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