Flight Review: WE301 – BKK – YGN

This is my second time flying Thai Smile Airways. The name is befitting as I am warmly greeting with a wide-brimmed smile upon entering the A320-300 aircraft.

Upon check-in at the airport I requested an Emergency Exit aisle seat and after a quick call to Operations, the check-in guy hands me my boarding pass for seat 42C, and overwing exit seat. I am lucky as there is no one sitting in the 2 seats next to be so I can stretch even more.
Shortly after takeoff the meal service comes around and considering it is only a one-hour flight, it is surprisingly generous. It consists of a rice noodle and tuna salad, juice, and a celebratory cheese tart to mark Thai Smile’s 5th Anniversary. Pretty good meal and I devour it all!
I manage to watch half an episode of Outlander before we are told to switch of all devices for landing.
We actually depart and arrive way ahead of schedule!
Rating: 9/10

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