Lounge Review: SilverKris First Class Lounge, HKG

My partner has surprised me with Suites tickets back to Singapore and are therefore able to use the First Class lounge at the airport. 

The First Class lounge is through an unremarkable darkened glass door just past the epicenter of the Business Class area.

At first look it is empty, just one or two other passengers probably on the same flight. In terms of ambiance there is none. No music, just the gentle humming of the refrigeration unit holding the Hagen Daaz icecream.

We sit at a table and are offered an A La Carte menu. I go for the seafood in cream sauce and skip the buffet knowing the food on board will be a once-in-a-decade experience. We also order a glass each of Verve Cliques to help wash it down.

And a sneaky dessert…..

We don’t spend too much time in here as we want to take a look at the shops before boarding.

Interesting seating reminiscent of the suites onboard?

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