Flight Review: TG 639 – HKG – SIN

Boarding is on time and I am one of the first to board quickly getting to my seat, 48B, an emergency exit seat on this Airbus A330-300 bound for Bangkok.

For some reason the flight attendant in my section towards the back of the plane is not in a pleasant mood, and doesn’t greet me with a smile. Oh well. 
Soon after take-off the hot wet paper towel service starts followed by meal service. I order a Kosher meal but I think it is bad – as in off, so press the call button to get a normal meal replacement. After pressing the button for over 10 minutes finally an attendant comes but doesn’t even attend to me before she is off attending to someone else. The button is pressed again and I patiently wait. 
Finally the meal trolley comes for the majority of the passengers and I am able to change my meal. It’s a noodle dish, dry bun, pickled vegetables, and a floury mango pudding. Nothing like the seafood meal coming over…
For entertainment I decide to watch an oldie – ‘When Harry Met Sally’ – it’s probably been over 15 years or more since I last watched it. 
Rating: 6/10

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