Flight Review: SQ221 – SIN – SYD

This is my first time to fly Premium Economy on Singapore Airlines. My initial impression is that the product is fresh with tones of orange and grey in a smaller cabin of around 40 or so seats.
My seat is a window seat, 33A, in an unusual 2-4-2 cabin configuration, on this Airbus A380-800 aircraft.
The service is somewhat reminiscent of Business Class with exceptionally friendly flight attendants, hot towel service, cocktails with cashews and almonds (I order a White Russian), dedicated menu, thick blanket and large pillow. Of course the seat is half the size of Business class and slightly larger than Economy, yet comfortable enough for the 7.5 hour flight.
I have pre-ordered a meal through the Premium Economy version of ‘Book The Cook’. Roast chicken in garlic cream sauce. Unfortunately it doesn’t live up to expectations – the accompanying carrots and beans taste like they have just come out of the freezer. The wine is good, as is the Ben and Jerry’s Brown Sugar Maple something-or-other ice cream which, I note, is a premium version of the cornetto being passed around in the Economy cabin.
I utilize the noise-cancelling headphones and enjoy a few episodes of Modern Family before being too tired to watch any more. 
I manage to sleep on and off over the course of the remainder of the flight and skip breakfast which according to the menu is Continental.
We land on time.
Rating: 7/10.

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