Lounge Review: Thai Airways Royal Silk Lounge, Changi T1

So how on earth did I get in here on a discounted economy ticket and no Thai Air status whatsoever?

Easy really….

I went to statusmatcher.com and tried a few Star Alliance airlines to see if they would match my QFF Platinum status. Only Turkish Airlines accepted and placed me on Gold Elite status for a period of 4 months. I have 1 month left and this is the first time I have utilised it.

As Thai and Turkish Air are both part of Star Alliance, I was automatically given priority check-in at the Business Class counter, lounge access, and Emergency Exit seat.

And to sweeten the deal, I accumulated the mileage on my Singapore Airlines account! All I had to do was show my Turkish Airlines Gold Elite card for the privileges,  and the mileage benefits went to SQ. All whilst flying on a discount economy Thai Air ticket!

Back to the lounge……

So so, zero ambiance, and a tiny selection of food. I thought there would have been eggs and sausages and the like, but just wrapped sandwiches, a coffee machine, and Thai porridge. Not that I am complaining. Whose says there no such thing as a free meal 🙂

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