Flight Review: KA378 – HKG – OKA

This relatively short 2-hour flight to Naha, Okinawa from Hong Kong sees me in the bulkhead row seat 22K just behind the business class cabin on this Dragon Air Airbus A321 aircraft. Interestingly I am told by an Attendant that although the seats are Business class seats, the service is economy class.

Unlike my welcoming experience on CX, there is no acknowledgement of my OneWorld Emerald status on this flight.

The service is very quick by efficient, reasonably friendly attendants who come around with a choice of Japanese beef or Western fish lunch. I opt for the fish which is quite tasty.

Luckily the onboard entertainment is the same as on my previous CX flight so am able to finish the Japanese movie I was watching, ‘Orange’.

We land on time.
Rating: 7/10

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