The Pier, First Class Lounge, HK International 

Lost for words. Am I walking into the lobby of a 5-star hotel? Unbelievable! This would have to be the best airline lounge I have ever walked into. And I have been to a few – including other First Class lounges. But this one stands out.

Although I am flying on an Economy ticket on CX, as an Emerald OneWorld member I can access First Class lounges. (Tip: There are 2 First Class lounges at HK Intl. – ‘The Wing’ and ‘The Pier’. Try for the latter as they have a sit-down {complementary} restaurant and Spa).

Deeply disappointed that I only have a tiny 20 mins to enjoy this spectacular retreat as I have to rush to board another flight 😱. I manage to steal a couple of photos, a sneaky Martini and an Old Fashioned at one of the 2 bars (selection is insane), as well as a slice of pear tart.

Probably best share a link to a review from another blog:

I sincerely hope I will have more time on the way back!

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