Flight Review: QF82 – SIN – SYD

I purposely board the plane as late as possible hoping there is an empty row available – and there is! I am so lucky to have a whole row of 4 seats in Economy to myself – for an amazingly cheap SG$365! There are actually a couple of spare rows in front of me as well and they are quickly taken by some fast movers.

Needless to say there is nothing much to report about this flight except that it is one of the best Economy flights to date – being able to sleep 6 out of the 7.5 hours total flight time.

The seats are new, ergonomically well-designed, and have plenty of leg room between rows.

The staff are surprisingly friendly and the menu items appealing, although I didn’t eat anything as I pre-ordered a low calorie meal which I didn’t end up eating as well as the carb count was way too high 😳

We land on time at 6am just as the Sydney airport curfew is lifted, and as I walk past the Business class cabin I can’t help but smile to myself that I only paid 1/10th of the price for a fully-flat bed 😜.

Rating: 9/10

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