Lounge Review: Qantas Singapore Lounge

For some reason I decided to start on a Low Carb  diet this week forgetting about my Lounge access tonight. As a result I am unable to taste the Neil Perry Chicken rice that is featured on today’s menu 😳

In it’s place though I do manage to find a number of delicious alternatives from the salad bar, and also a most delicious Hungarian Stew in the selected buffet area.

Oh – and I found out Vodka Martinis are basically carb-free so a couple of those go down quite nicely thank you very much 😜

And a wonderful staff member noticed I had finished one and went to get me another. She took all of 5 mins and when she came back apologized for the wait. All the staff here are exceptional – remember my face, and always come over for a chat.

I have quite a bit of time to kill so decide to have a shower to waste a bit of time and freshen up before my….*gasp* Economy night flight. It was a heavily discounted fare for only SG$380 one way so couldn’t resist. Now I regret…πŸ˜‚

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