Flight Review: UL558 – FRA – CMB

I am on Sri Lankan’s newest Airbus A330-300 in Business Class, seat 5G, in a 1-2-1 configuration in this cabin. The seats are awesome – different from the A330-200 craft used coming over. It is actually similar to the new SQ business class seats but not as wide. And a fully flat bed – perfect for this night-time 9.5 hour flight!

 After boarding and during pre take-off, I take a glass of Champagne, hot towel, and browse the dinner menu. I order the Three Pepper Terrine, Beef Goulash with fried späetzle noodle, bread basket with cheese selection, and Black Forest cake presented with cherry and cinnamon compote. I decide to skip any further alcohol and request warm water instead.

 As the meal is being served we are advised by the Chief Steward that the entertainment system will not be available as it is not working. Luckily it is a night flight so after my meal I fall asleep for the full duration of the flight, skip breakfast, and am woken up by the flight attendant 15 mins before landing.

Rating: 7.5/10 (I slept well but no AV)

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