Flight Review: Jet Airways 9W2055 – BOM – JPR

The bus drive from the terminal to the plane is the longest ride I have been on for this purpose – it surely took 20 mins and was essentially in another terminal. Plane change perhaps?
 My seat is an exit row, 24A, on this Boeing 737-800 aircraft in a 3×3 configuration. It is half empty, but it is 5.30 am. Update, by 5.45 am it is full.

After a 30 minute delay in a freezing cabin, we take off and shortly after breakfast service is delivered in a quick and efficient manner. A choice of vegetarian or chicken heated wrap, a chocolate brownie, bottled water, and choice of tea or coffee.


There is no entertainment but luckily it is a short 1hr 20min flight, and after a bit of pushing and shoving (Indian-style) we are off and ready to start out Jaipur tour.

Rating: 5/10

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