Hotel Review: Hilton JAIPUR

This hotel is a diamond in the rough, with a slant towards ‘rough’. There is much potential.

We are upgraded upon check-in to a King Suite on the 7th floor. All the usual expectations are met but there is no letter of welcome nor information regarding the hotel or Diamond benefits. When I enquire at the front desk I am told ‘we don’t have those here’. The room though was spacious, with a huge bathtub in the bathroom, and a super-comfy bed that allowed me to sleep like a baby.


 Due to the visit of a local government minister the Executive lounge is closed but we can use the Krystal bar adjacent to the lobby. Service is slow as staffing is lean and the manager seems irritated at requests for food and is admonishing the staff in front of guests.
On the second evening the Lounge is available and the staff member – Mukesh (I hope I have correctly spelt his name) – is fantastic – a credit to the hotel and a top performer – friendly, patient, and genuinely interested in his guests.
The buffet selection in the main restaurant during breakfast is like that of a Doubletree – nothing special and not at usual Hilton standards, with a smaller than expected selection. The bread was a little stale, and the coffee burnt and bitter. The Masala milk tea though was delicious. A special mention on the service from Sumit on day two which was outstanding and again he is a credit to the F&B team. He even offered to prepare a takeaway bag as he knew we were off to an early flight.
Although a small point, I write it here only for the hotel’s improvement: when a guest is leaving the elevator, staff should not push their way past you to enter, but politely wait until the guest is out then enter. This happened a number of times. 
Rating: 6.5/10

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