Lounge Review: MAS Golden Lounge, Changi T2

This is my first experience in a MAS lounge and I am able to enter due to my Oneworld Sapphire status and as I am flying Malaysian Airlines.

After all the crap this airline has suffered recently, my nerves are slightly on edge and I down a Sav Blanc (there doesn’t seem to be any red wine available). This goes well with some prawn and tuna canapés from the fridge. The hot food looks great – chicken satay, beef rendang etc, but the dishes are less than warm.

I try the showers – they’re OK and do the job, but there is no soap so the attendant gives me a massive bottle of Neutrogena shower spa to use 🙂

The only thing that really stands out is the warm service I receive when I check-in, and to be honest, that is all I really need at this moment.

Boarding soon. Slightly scared…….




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