Flight Review: MH0616 – SIN – KUL

Narrow seats is my first impression on entering this slightly outdated B737-800. I try and put the recent MAS crashes aside as I squeeze into my row 10A window seat.

The flight attendants seem friendly enough, and I, along with them, watch each and every passenger board the plane (except I look suspiciously).

The captain makes an announcement that we are 4th in line to take-off and within 5 mins we are in the air.

With no entertainment whatsoever, I am thankful for the newspaper I brought from the lounge and spend most of the 45 min flight time reading every-single-word.

The flight attendant walks past twice – once with a small packet of peanuts, and then again with a choice of either apple or orange juice. I decline both.

We land safely – thankfully, and in a couple of hours I will be on leg two to Kuching.

Rating: 6/10



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