Flight Review: SQ619 – KIX – SIN

Singapore airlines divides its ticket fares into 3 basic categories – ‘Saver’, ‘Standard’, and ‘Flexi’. For this flight, my only option at the time of booking was a Standard Economy redemption fare costing 38,500 SQ miles which I grabbed as it was high season and all $ fares were off the charts (expensive). A day before this flight I looked online and noticed SQ had released Business Saver fares which attracted the same point value as my Economy ticket to redeem (38500 points). So I rang SQ and they happily converted my Economy ticket to a Business Class ticket! The only catch was a $25 re-issue fee + $75 early cancellation fee. Woo-hoo – $100 for a 7.5 hour SQ Business Class ticket is phenomenal!!

So, here’s my review:

Welcome on board! XMAS music piping through the loudspeakers, I am offer a glass of Champagne with a ‘Merry Xmas’ – what a fabulous start! And the menu! What to choose? The Japanese Kaiseki menu or the Western? I think the latter with the Xmas fare – roast turkey with all the trimmings including Yuletide log cake for dessert! Yummo!

Oh – and the choice of cocktails! Original SQ creations – I’ll have to try them all! I start with a ‘Silver Kris Sling’ – a variation on the original, and then try the ‘Sunrise Breezer’ – a refreshing blend of sake and bitter lemon. I think that’s enough as I’m starting to get a little too happy on this flight 🙂

In between an entree of Indonesian Satay sticks and my main Yuletide fare, I enjoy a sneaky hot Sake, whilst watching the new Steve Jobs movie staring Ashton Kutcher.

The smoked salmon is well paired with my French red, and I patiently wait for my main course to come – it’s already more than 2 hours into the flight.

And when it comes it is a welcome sight – and delicious too. But, ah….., the sweet potato is a little hard. But perhaps it is supposed to be?

After my meal and movie I sleep undisturbed on my 8 degree incline (nearly fully flat :)) for 3 hours. I wake up and order a cafe Royal, and finish with an Expresso with a dash of steamed milk on the side. I need it – too much alcohol has left me waking up with a headache 😦

A great flight with excellent, attentive service.

Rating: 9/10 🙂








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