Flight Review: SQ672 – SIN – NGO

Wow – so lucky to have a whole row of 4 seats to myself! Yes! 4 seats!

Shortly after take-off, I stretch out and take advantage of the fully flat ‘economy bed’ that I have been lucky to receive, pop 4 pillows under my head, lay a blanket over my legs, and drift into a blissful and uninterrupted 3.5 hour sleep until the obligatory wake-up breakfast call at some ungodly hour….

I pre-ordered a ‘Kosher’ meal – they are always delicious and plentiful so that comes out before anyone else’s. It consists of a hot dish including omelette, baked beans, potato rosti, and a plain and chocolate croissant, fruit platter, cheese, crackers, orange juice, a Berry yogurt smoothie, and coffee. Yep – I’m pretty full after that and can’t sleep for the last 1.5 hours of the flight so read a few magazines instead.

Never experienced this before but just prior to descending, a flight attendant comes over to me and asks if I will fill our a customer service evaluation survey. I say yes, before realising it is a 10 page document! Anyway name and contact details are optional at the end so you never know what you might find in the mail as a ‘thank you’ 🙂

Rating: 9/10 – fully flat bed 🙂





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