Krisflyer Gold Lounge, Changi T3

As a VA Plat member, I get access to SG lounges. Those that read my blog know this already. But this is my first experience at Changi T3’s lounge, and I am a little overwhelmed at the mass number of people here 🙂

Anyway I am welcomed by a stunning hostess at the reception desk who greets me with a beaming smile, so any qualms about the over-crowdedness quickly dissipates.

I rush to secure a seat and plonk my bags down and again rush to the buffet. Heck, it’s 11pm and I’m starving – haven’t eaten since 5pm…

I enjoy stewed Tau Kua with Straw mushrooms, and baked Fish fillet with Honey and Ginger sauce, wolfed down with a pint of Tiger beer. I also fit in a couple of petite cakes – well, just because :).

After 30 mins or so I am bored so make a slow journey to the boarding gate winding in and out of the souvenir shops.




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