Flight Review: NH0152 – SIN – HND

Disappointed! I specifically chose this flight as I thought it was the new ANA Dreamliner but it isn’t! It is a B767-300! Shock, horror, gasp!

My seat is 21K – a window seat in this 2-3-2 configuration. Usually I would take an aisle seat for ease of getting out at leisure, but since this is a night flight, I choose a window seat to assist with sleeping (have also brought a herbal remedy to help with sleep as well). The seats are shell seats meaning they do not recline and annoy the passenger behind, but rather slide down in order to recline.

I decide to recline back and watch ‘Now You See Me’ which is one of a number of English movies on ANA’s AV on-demand system.

Whilst I am watching the movie the ‘meal service’ arrives – a plastic bag with potato chips, a chocolate bar, bottle of water, and a cheese muffin.

The seat is very uncomfortable and I find it difficult to sleep.

At 3.50am the cabin lights turn on for breakfast service waking everyone up. I choose the Japanese option which is OK. A chicken congee with udon noodles and some fruit. Didn’t need it and would have preferred to try and get more sleep.

Since I am now up I watch a second movie on demand – can’t remember the name but it is a comedy with Sandra Bullock.

Rating: 5.5/10






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