Flight Review: 3K 681 – SIN – KUL

No special privileges on this Airbus A320 but row 9C (aisle) is reasonably comfortable for this 40 min flight from Singapore to KL.

I have purchased a ‘bundle fare’ for an extra $30 (Sin) per sector giving me FF miles and Status credits (got to keep Gold), and a meal.

Ah…the meal. I suppose you can’t do too much on a 40 min flight an I receive a Tuna Sandwich with Red Bell Pepper and a bottle of water. Yet I distinctly remember receiving a hot breakfast on a 25 min SYD – CBR flight on Virgin Business class a few months back. Nonetheless the sandwich is tasty, but I only eat half as I am stuffed from my meal(s) at the Qantas Club in Singapore.

Before we know it we have landed at KL.

Rating: 8/10 (pleasant service)



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