Flight Review: CX650 – SIN – HKN

I am told at check-in that the flight is delayed for an hour so ask if there is an earlier flight I can catch. And there is. I then ask if there is any chance of an upgrade and yes!

Premium Economy!

The seats are comfortable and spacious and even have footrests. They also lean back far enough to have a nap if you choose to do so.

The TV screens large with a number of new movies available. I watch ‘The Host’ based on the book by Stephanie Meyers. I didn’t actually know this until the end and funnily enough the ‘slowness’ of the film whilst I was watching it reminded me of ‘Twilight’.

The meal itself it simple and filling. I choose the Western breakfast – typical bacon, omelette, hashed potato, roasted tomato, and spinach. This comes with a fruit salad, yogurt, a muffin, and tea or coffee.

All in all a pleasant flight.

Rating: 8/10




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