Flight Review: CX110 – SYD – HKG

Slight panic to start when my reserved emergency exit row turns out to be a standard seat in the middle of the cabin (42G). Realizing my distress a flight attendant assures me that after take-off I will be re-assigned my preferred seat. And true to his word I am quietly whisked off to an emergency exit seat with (bonus alert!) no one next to me. Happy days on Cathay!

The seat is surprising comfortable for an economy class offering with large pull-out video screens showcasing VOD on-demand entertainment, and a USB port.

The menu is handed out and there is a delicious selection for breakfast (part 2 for me as I just ate in the lounge) and lunch. As it turns out after about 45 mins into the flight breakfast is served, and I choose the Seafood congee with shredded finger and spring onion. It’s a bit bland, so I add rip open the salt and pepper sachets (which I rarely do) and it helps a bit.

The AV entertainment isn’t that crash hot so after watching a new Mark Warlberg flick, I take a nap and wake up to watch 3 episodes of Glee on my iPad which I enjoy with a Cognac and peanuts.

Oh dear – menu mix-up….although there is suppose to be Captain Tsau’s chicken and Portuguese Beef for lunch, we are told that there was a mistake, so I opt for the new Fish with Lemon Sauce, Pea, and Potato Mash, over the 5-spiced Beef. It is quite tasty!

Rating: 8.5/10






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