Flight Review: VA1351 – SYD-DRW

The only thing that annoys me sitting in row 3, and yes it’s a bit of a ‘bear-bug’, is that damn magnetic strip separating the economy cabin from the business cabin. Although it’s a small line of separation – it is ‘drawing a line in the sand’ stating economy passengers cannot:

1. Enter
2. Interact with business class passengers
3. Use the toilet (it’s a long trek to the back of the plane)
4. Get off the plane until all business class passengers have done so.


Other than that the flight, although long at 4.5 hours, was OK thanks to the fact I had my iPad with me. If not, it would have been hell as there was no AV/personal video screen.

I had a roast chicken sandwich as that was the only menu item that was new. The same Luke Mangen pies that have been around for the past 2 years were still on the menu.

Rating: 6/10


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