Flight Review: QF 47 – SYD-WEL

Bad start…flight delayed by 30 mins. Little explanation or updates during waiting period.

I am in seat 6C (aisle) on this 3×3 seating configuration ‘Winglets’ airplane operated by Jet-connect a Qantas’ NZ subsidiary.

And the audio jack is broken with only one earphone working. On a full flight I feel as if I will be trapped. But it’s ok – phew…I am moved two rows behind on a aisle seat (thank god!!) and all is well.

I have decided to try a ‘Kosher’ meal and I am first off the rack. It consists of a sausage, spinach, corned beef, tomato, an omelette, peaches and pears in syrup, and a delicious Passover cinnamon noodle ‘lockshen’ pudding.

I watch ‘The Great Pretender’ – a documentary on Freddie Mercury, and then try and get a little sleep before landing.

Rating: 7/1020130326-203343.jpg20130326-203357.jpg


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