Qantas Business Lounge, Sydney International Airport

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – this is one if the better Qantas lounges I have been to. Service is perky and friendly, food excellent, ambiance spot on.

Just as I enter the reception area, the two ladies ‘manning’ the boarding pass check area are having a lovely time chatting to one-another and miss my entrance. I greet them with a jolly ‘Good morning!’, beaming smile and all, much to their utter surprise that a. I have interrupted them, and b. their realization that they should be paying a bit more attention to detail and notice passengers entering. Needless to say, I am responded to with, ‘What a lovely greeting’ and a smile in return.

After a breakfast entree of banana smoothly and creamy Bircher muesli, I sit at the kitchen bar and order the breakfast plate Du Jour, which is essentially an egg and sausage McMuffin. Not bad.

A quick Expresso coffee and I leave to boar my plane to Welligton.






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