Flight review: QF537 – BNE-SYD

So I thought someone left their iPad in the seat pocket in front of me but on closer look it was Qantas’ new ‘Q Streaming’ iPad which I guess are taking the place of the now ‘defunct’ personal screens.

On my one-hour flight on this Boeing 767-338, I notice not only mine but the iPad in the next seat pocket is…..wait for it and GASP!!!! – on! Yes, it seems to be OK for the Qantas iPads to be on for take-off and landing but personal iPads seem to come with danger built into them and must be switched off. Hmmm…..

And on this slightly off-topic of blatant hypocrisy, has anyone ever thought why it is OK to have liquids over 100 ml on domestic flights but illegal on International flights?

OK – back to the review. Whilst the iPads are a great idea, and a profit boost for Apple, they do take a while to load and ‘stream’ programs for viewing. Other than that it is a pretty stress-free flight and the attendants are smiling today 🙂

The meal is a choice of an apple (as in the fruit) or a muesli bar. I ask and am given both, which I have with a coffee.

Rating: 7/10 (food could have been a bit more creative…)





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