Qantas Business Lounge, SYD Domestic T3

The Qantas Club lounges are always crowded and today is no exception. The one at Sydney Domestic terminal 3 is particularly large, and there are only a sporadic number of seats available. I decide to park myself at a counter-table with stool by a large window overlooking the adjacent building’s roof.
The selection of food, I must say, is quite diverse, and the quality is much higher than I remember – it has been a while since I entered a Qantas Club Lounge as I usually fly Virgin.
The offering consists of Greek-style yogurt with spiced apple, a delicious Bircher muesli with roasted nuts and honey, freshly cut fruit salad with apple, melon, orange, and wait – strawberries! I know…upping the ante, right? White, multigrain, and fruit bread can be toasted with an assortment of condiments to choose from. No barista coffee to be seen, but ‘do it yourself’ machines brew a fine cup.
Wireless internet connection is excellent, and ‘ERM Business Energy’ is sponsoring device charge-hubs around the lounge.
I think I am going to start rating my reviews from here onwards: 6.5/10 20121101-083818.jpg


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