Rental House Review: kibbutz, 12145, Sde Nehemia, Israel

I have friends living in the area close to the Golan Heights and find this quaint house rental on

Using WAZE in Israel is a breeze and we find this property hidden away at the back of a beautiful Kibbutz in Northern Israel. My first impression is the beautiful smell of wild flowers.

The apartment is on the second floor of the owners house and consists of a a bedroom, lounge room with kitchenette and sofa bed, and bathroom. There is a huge terrace with a jacuzzi spa and beautiful view.

Breakfast isn’t included but we are directed to an amazing cafe on the neighboring kibbutz. And the portions are huge.

We use the jacuzzi each morning which is a wonderful way to start the day and relax in the evenings after a day of exploring the surrounding area.

The owners are super friendly and even do our washing for us!

I highly recommend this place if you are visiting the Golan area of Northern Israel.

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