Hotel Review: 180 Boutique Hotel, Tel Aviv Beach

This is a great choice for those on a budget that want to stay on the beach – literally across the road on Herbert Samuel Rd.

Lots of stairs

I find this hostel/hotel on and decide to book a double room as it is in an amazing location and really affordable (Tel Aviv is extremely expensive).

Check-in is quick and friendly, and I am given my key to the room on the 5th floor (no elevator 🤪). The room is ok – a bit on the small side and bathroom is similar. No tv or amenities, but a great view of the beach.

Smallish bedroom
Essentially a hostel, funky and youthful

Breakfast is included and one can choose from a limited menu – it’s not too bad but not that great either. Service is very slow, but friendly.

I would probably stay here again simply because of the location and price.

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