Flight Review: SQ876 – SIN – TPE

I am sitting in seat 46J, a middle 😳 seat on this fully occupied Singapore Airlines B787-10 aircraft bound for Taipei from Singapore.

This is possibly one of the worst seats I have had being squashed for 4.5 hours in between two people whilst trying to navigate my laptop keyboard to do work.

I thought I had ordered a Kosher meal again, but forgot so have a choice of noodles or veal sausages for breakfast. I choose the sausages and they come with baked beans and a savory bread and butter pudding, and a roll and yogurt. It’s actually not too bad. Knowing there is no decaf in Economy I bring my own bottle and ask for a glass of hot water to make my own 👍

I take a short break from work and watch the last episode of the White Lotus season 1 (can’t wait to start season 2) and patiently wait to land:

Which we do slightly ahead of schedule.

Rating: 6/10

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