Lounge Review: Plaza Premium Lounge, TPE

Glad to be back here after a couple of months and the change is real! The buffet is open and thre food is great! Sesame Fried fish and soya chicken, a really good Spag Bol, Stewed Beef soup, salads, wine and beer – what more can you ask for? It all tastes great and I reckon this is one of the best PP lounges around.

Delicious tastes!
Working snack!

I am the first person to enter – check-in and immigration for my flight is super fast, and I had a work call to jump on so literally from check-in to the lounge it took under 10 mins. About 30 minutes later the lounge starts to fill-up, and quite quickly at that, but I have a seat in a prime location with a view of all the action.

The internet is strong, service is top notch – it absolutely beats the Singapore Airlines Lounge (which is indefinitely closed) and the awful Eva Air lounges.

Look forward to coming back again soon!

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