Flight Review: SQ 879 – TPE – SIN

I am sitting in Business Class seat 12A, on this Singapore Airlines Boeing 787-10 aircraft bound for Singapore.

Upon being shown to my seat, I am asked what I would like as a post-take-off beverage and I ask for the ‘SilverKris Sling’, made with gin, orange liquor, orange and pineapple juices, and topped with Champagne. I also have a glass of Charles Heidsieck Brut Reserve, Champagne as a pre-departure drink. I don’t finish either of them as I am determined not to drink too much on this just under 4-hour flight.

Around 40 minutes after take-off the meal service begins, starting with Marinated Prawns served with pear and vegetable slaw, pine nut dressing, and a couple of pieces of garlic bread. It’s really good 👌. Next is Seared Perch fillet with Lemon Garlic sauce, which comes with Mediterranean vegetables and parsley potatoes. Not bad as well, and I pair this with a glass of Junmai Ginjo Sake (which I also don’t finish). Dessert wins (as always) which is a generous piece of Chocolate Tuffle cake and a coffee. Yum 👍.

During the meal I finally watch the new Top Gun movie and it actually isn’t too bad. Then I stretch out the seat to recline into a fully flat bed and manage to fall into a deep sleep for about 90 mins.

A perfect flight (almost, except for the crying kid in seat 11 F 🤪). And to top it off, we land around 30 mins ahead of schedule.

Rating: 9/10

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