Lounge Review: SilverKris Lounge, Changi T3

I think this is the new refurbished lounge and it is huge. It’s also quite full – it looks like my business class cabin is going to be equally as full.

It is nearly midnight and my flight boards at 12.15am, and having just had a meal with my friends I am not hungry but want to use the bathroom to clean my teeth before I board.

On the way to the bathroom I see a mixologist making cocktails so make a quick detour to the bar and order a dirty vodka martini. It’s pretty good and uses Absolut.

After scoffing it down I return to my original plan to the bathroom to clean my teeth, and then proceed to the boarding gate.

Probably the shortest (15 min) stay I have had in a lounge in a very long time 🤪

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