Lounge Review: SilverKris Lounge, Changi T3

The location of this lounge has moved to a new location within T3 between LV and SATS. With views of the runway, this combined Business and First class lounge is empty, with two other passengers occupying seats far away from me 👍.

Empty Lounge

It’s 10am and I’m hungry, so I scan the code on my table to order from the menu. I decide on a dim sum platter, a foccacia, and a plate of Kueh Pie Tee. It’s really good. I also grab a double espresso with a dollop of milk.

Plastic samples of food on offer.
Tastes good!

I’m a bit bored waiting for boarding announcements, so wander around the lounge seeing what can interest me. I notice a machine that steam cleans and sanitises your clothes, so I pop in my jacket to check it out. Wow – freshing sanitised and ready to wear 😅.

Freshly sanitised jacket 👍

So it’s nice to be back flying again, lounge visits are always a great way to start the journey. Looking forward to my upcoming flight!

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