Flight Review: CI753 – TPE – SIN

I am sitting in seat 30D, an aisle seat in the middle section of 4 seats (all empty) on this Airbus A330-300 China Airlines flight bound for Singapore from Taiwan.

Old. School AV screens
Empty cabin but they still wouldn’t let me move 😕

I am pretty sure they are using this older model aircraft as there are only 28 passengers in the whole of Economy. For example, the AV system is from the early 2000s – tiny little boxes, and no power chargers. My partner is up ahead flying business class as it was only an extra 15K Skywards miles and we needed the extra baggage. My ticjet my not upgradeable. The trade-off was my empty row to stretch out and sleep, which I did.

I asked to move to another section of the empty cabin away from kids but was abruptly told ‘no’ due to Covid 19 restrictions. Utter and complete nonsense and using it as an excuse as there were passangers in the row in front and behind me, with many empty rows elsewhere. Anyway, chose not to bother arguing, and instead ate my chicken rice meal which was pretty good. I think my partner sent down a Taiwanese bubble tea ice cream as no-one else had them in my cabin.

Pretty decent meal – wasn’t expecting this.

For about 2.5 out of the 4+ hours I slept like a baby. Bliss.

Rating: 6.5/10 due to their stupid attitude using Covid-19 as an excuse to not allow me to move my seat.

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