Hotel Review: JBG Hot Spring Resort Hotel, Beitou, Taiwan

Definitely not the best choice of hotel in this hot spring suburb of outer Taipei, nor a ‘resort’. With a check-in time of 7pm 👀 we are lucky to be given the key to our small studio at 5.15pm.

The room has a double bed, TV, 2 seats, a small work desk, and a bathroom featuring a tiny tub cum shower with piped hot spring water.

The rate includes breakfast and I only eat it once due to other early morning plans (breakfast is from 8am – 10am) and it is very sub-standard. Dry/stale bread for toast, dry sandwiches, and other stuff I dare not eat. I end up eating something at 7-11 next door. Free afternoon tea from 2pm – 9pm is also served in the coffee shop but best left alone for the same reason.

And of course there is no heating here either so end up spending about USD30 on a portable electric heater as none is provided by the hotel. It is averaging 8 degrees C at night so you would think they might have something.

So, doubtful I will return here.

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