Glamping Review: Hayaku Glamping Resort 海崖谷, Hualian, Taiwan

What a quirky place this is! My first experience ‘camping in style’ at this beachside camping resort with insane sea views in front, and lush green mountains behind.

My tent!

Our oversized tent is one of 20 in the resort, and it’s huge – complete with Queen-sized bed, sofa lounge, Asian-style floor seats, and an ensuite bathroom!

The only downside is that again, like everywhere we have stayed on this trip, it is cold inside – the heating doesn’t seem to be effective so we ask for an additional doona cover for the bed. Also, with its proximity to the sea, it is incredibly windy and therefore noisy all night, which makes it difficult to sleep.

Breakfast the next morning is pre-ordered and served by the lovely young smiling staff. It’s delicious!

Delicious Breakfast!

Will I be back? Hmm, if so, it would be in Spring or Autumn, and I’d prepare some earplugs 👍. But it is a gorgeous part of Taiwan.

Stunning views!

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