Hotel Review: Farglory  Hotel, Hualian, Taiwan

A stunning British old-school 5* hotel still locked in it’s grand glory days of old. It is reminiscent of hotels such as the Hydromajestic in the Blue Mountains of Sydney, Australia. Like an art gallery, the walls are filled with paintings out of the 19th century , and although the hotel is old, it is clean, everything works, and the service is excellent. 

Upon check-in we are upgraded to a Seaview King room which has the most beautiful views of the ocean below. The room is well-sized with a separate bath and shower, king-sized bed, sofa, and balcony.

We make our way to the gym and pool area before heading out for dinner. Being winter the outdoor pool is closed, but the indoor pool, with sauna, steam room, and spa area is open, and empty, so we take advantage of doing a bit of well-needed exercise after days of opulent eating.

We wake up to witness a beautiful sunrise from our balcony, before heading to the gym/pool again, and then straight to a huge international breakfast buffet.

Stunning Sunrise!

I will definitely return one day, but next time, for at least 2 nights or more!

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