Flight Review: SQ187 – HAN – SIN


On this flight back to Singapore I have scored an Emergency Exit row window seat just by asking at check-in (saving around $50 or so). All is nearly perfect bar the freezing cold cabin we all have to endure. Blankets are handed out but have little effect.

I have pre-ordered a Kosher meal and the flight attendant comes around to ask if I’d like to break the seal. I say no it’s OK and ask if it can be delivered on a normal tray as the plastic lid it comes on is really annoying.

Kosher meals, if you haven’t ordered one before, are HUGE – bread roll, crackers, smoked salmon entree, main meal (chicken and rice), fruit salad, apple crumble cake, and water.

Try a Kosher meal next time you fly!

The flight is about 3 hours long, and although there are billions of entertainment options on the SQ Kriaworld entertainment system, I am just too tired and sick (fluey and sore throat) to bother, so stretch my legs out and sleep for a good 90 minutes.

Stretch and sleep.

We arrive on time.

Rating: 8/10

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