Flight Review: SQ960 – SIN – CGK

I am sitting in seat 51C, an aisle seat, on this Singapore Airlines B777-300 flight to Jakarta. I am a little surprised as the interior is quite dated, and the TV screens are the old square-type. I had hoped to continue watching ‘Game of Thrones’ but it is not available on this flight. I didn’t realise it, but there must be different entertainment systems based on the aircraft you fly with SQ.

Nonetheless there is a hot towel service prior to take-off, and my pre-ordered Hindu non-veg meal is confirmed šŸ˜.

Shortly after take-off, my meal is one of the first to be served, and it is again quite good – lamb curry, vege curry, rice, and an Indian round flat bread filled with something šŸ¤”. Yogurt, orange juice, and a sweet Indian dessert, round semolina balls in a milky sauce. Delicious. I also request a red wine which is a little dry, so add the OJ to it to create a psuedo Sangria.

I start to watch a new Stallone movie but give up, and read a couple of magazines provided instead – ‘Business Traveller AP’ and ‘Global Health AP’ (my boss will be happy šŸ˜Š).

The flight is very bumpy, very short, and as the captain announces his intention to start the descent, meals are still being served. The pressure the poor cabin crew must be under… and they are doing an amazing job considering.

We land on time.

Rating: 7/10

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