Lounge Review: SATS Lounge Changi T2

Back here again after a month or so. My trusty unlimited entry Priority Pass is working its magic. Only 2 more months before it expires 😳.

The lounge is a little busy but the food selection is better at this time of the day (3pm). I find a place to leave my carry-on whilst I take a few selections from the buffet: Marsala chicken, an ‘Oriental’ stir fried vegetable dish, some rice, and a raison scone with butter and strawberry jam. And a half-glass of Chilean white Sav Blanc. And then a double espresso with a shot of steamed milk.

late light lunch

It’s quite boring in here, with little ambiance, so I watch part of an episode of ‘The Spy’, starring Sascha Baron Cohen I have downloaded onto my iPad. It’s the story of the Israeli spy, Elli Cohen. Brilliant – you can find it on Netflix.

After an hour or so I make my way to the gate.

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